Friday, May 13, 2011

Super Shopper!

If I had the time, energy, and money I'd be a shopaholic!   And now that I'm a mother its not so easy to hit the stores like I used to.  I used to spend hours shopping, taking my sweet time to find just the right thing.  But these days, I'll take any opportunity that I have as soon as I've walked in a store.  

Take yesterday for example.  My husband tells me that we're going to shop for clothes with my stepson, whose 16th birthday is today - woohoo!  We leave Diego with his Aunty for bonding time and run in and out of stores.  Luckily for me, we hit my favorite store:  Nordstrom Rack, where I immediately yell,

"See you suckers later!" and I run off to the baby section to find some cute stylish clothes for Diego.  I had planned to start off in the baby section, work my way to shoes for him, then look for some cute stuff for me, and maybe if I had time to find some nice accessories.  Yeah right!  My husband and stepson, being men, gave me all of about 15 minutes before they were "done" with their rummaging.  But this is where my increased skillz as a shopper have kicked in.  During that time I found 3 VERY cute, in my opinion, shirts and 1 DKNY jacket for Diego.  The jacket may have been a splurge at 20-something dollars, but it was cute enough for the price.  I'm used to mostly shopping at consignment stores for Diego, but I also like to throw in retail clothes as long as there's some type of clearance or discount.

We repeated the process at another store, Marshalls, where I found a dress in my favorite brand (BCBG Max Azria) for $20; cheaper than Diego's jacket!  I'm so awesome!  I plan to use the dress for my 8 week Four-Zero Project Shot and I'm sure I'll be going out for SOMEONE'S birthday this month (stepson, mother, father- a lot of May B-days for me)

What's my fascination with black and gray?

Anyway, I picked Diego up later that night.  He'd had a fun day at the park with his aunt and uncle.  Here are some photos she snapped of him.  I just love his smile: and look there's more teeth!

And here are some pics snapped during the birthday dinner (Diego's wearing one of the shirts I bought him):


Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Very cute stuff. I have Nordstrom Rack by my house but I never go in it. I'll have to stop in there sometime. I'm huge on consignment shopping too. I go to the big consignment events each spring and fall. I love a good bargain. Cute stuff! He looks like such a big boy. *tear* :)