Monday, May 16, 2011

Four-Zero Project: Week 8

Well folks, I've officially made it to Week 8 of The Four-Zero Project!  In my last update, I said that the spotting had delightfully decreased.  Wouldn't you know it that the very next day, I had I one strong spot come and visit me?  Fortunately since then, I haven't spotted any spots!  Cheesy play on words; I know....  I'll try not to do that again.

During this week I've only noticed an extremely light nausea that could also be mistaken for nothing more than a full tummy.  And speaking of my tummy, it's been craving all kinds of junkfood!  I've been trying my best to treat my diet plan like a drill-Sergeant, but the other day I caved in and bought myself a Big Mac (I only ordered the sandwich though!) and another day I drank a can of 7-Up that was seductively chilled in the refrigerator (but at least it was decaffeinated!). 

And what is my diet plan you ask?  Well, it's my regular diet only a little amped up and more strict.  I basically eat home-cooked meals everyday.  The meals usually consist of a cereal or toast with tea (decaffeinated now) for breakfast, and a rice or pasta with a meat (beef, chicken, or fish) and a side of veggies for lunch/dinner.  At our house, none of the food used to prepare our meals comes from cans. 

The things that I'm keeping in mind when I prepare my food now:
  • Stay away from Ceasar's salad dressing
  • Only eat sandwich meat if you nuke it in the microwave first
  • No more Queso Fresco for you!  (Mexican cheese like Feta)
  • Try not to eat tuna
  • No more Fast Food Fridays!
  • No caffeine (if you can help it)
All this may seem a little strict or that I'm over-reacting, but I figure it worked for my first pregnancy; why not this one?  A lot of people say that you tend to be less cautious the second-time around, but I'm trying my best not to make that statement true in my case (although damn! that Big Mac was delicious going down!)  I'm pretty sure I'll stick to my plan because I'm afraid of gaining too much weight; not that I have a weight-problem.  No, no.....

I'm terrified of stretch marks.  I already have more than I would ever want; and I hate them.  And I don't want to start a new collection now.

So... this is my new picture for Week 8 with my $20 dress that I had to buy so fast, I didn't even get to try it on first.  Not bad right?  I love BCBG!  There's just something about that brand.  I took this picture on Sunday morning during a break in a small rain storm we were having.  Of course it started raining moments later and I ran inside to protect my equipment.  I love the mood that the camera created with the lighting just before the rain.  Later that day, we enjoyed the San Francisco Bay to Breakers (luckily there was no rain the rest of the day).  I was sad to find that I had forgotten my camera at home; so no cool pictures.  Oh well...

Symptoms:  light nausea, extreme fatigue by 4pm (probably because of the "no caffeine" thing)

Cravings:  Big Macs!  or anything cheesy, preferably melty cheese.